Bush Hammers


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Flex LST1503 VR Small Bush-hammer

60 aggressive hard metal tips of the machines take care of the job quickly and with precision. The rotating bush-hammer with the hard metal discs is born by rubber shock absorbers which reduces vibration and is easy on your joints. The machine can be expertly guided by the grip hood. Model No. LST 1503 VR Power Input 1200 Watt Power Output 700 Watt Working Width 40-92mm ..

Flex LST803VR Big Bush-hammer

80 rubber-born hard metal tips make this big one the fast tool for roughening up natural stone floors. Since the applied pressure is put right from the grip hood into the tool head below it, the machine rests perfectly in your hand while under full power. Model No. LST 803 VR Power Input 1800 Watt Power Output 1200 Watt Working Width 55-130mm Speed without load 800-2400 ..