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Flex LW1202 Wet Stone Grinder

LW 1202 Stone Working The FLEX wet stone grinder polisher with FLEX composite housing. The 1600 Watt power pack for robust continuous operation on large surfaces. Model No. LW 1202 Power Input 1600 Watt Power Output 1000 Watt Max disc diameter 130mm Speed without load 1750 rpm Weight 5,10 kg  Advantages Central water supply: for wet grinding of gran..

Flex LW802VR Variable Speed Wet Stone Grinder

LW 802VR Variable Speed Wet Stone Grinder polisher The FLEX wet stone grinder polisher for heavy-duty operation. Boasting 1800 Watts yet quite handy. With a torque that has staying power even under heavy loads. Plus a variable speed control for optimal performance for every task and on any material. With contour plug that can be connected only to the isolation transformer. Model No. LW 80..

Rokamat Gex

Rokamat Gex Elite renovation sander with super flexible grinding head  Advantages  Light weight (Tool ca. 3 kg) Super flexible grinding head, swivelling in each direction Angle adjustable head (by raster) allows sanding process tight into the edges, no spring-back! Short and long-necked grinder in one!(Special extension allows grinding at a height of more than 3m) ..

Flex L 10-10 125mm Diam Angle Grinder

 L 10-10 125mm Diam Angle Grinder   Supplied direct from manufacturer - Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery3-fold winding protection from dust. Reduces motor wear, increases service life. Protective guard on the winding end of the armature and plated winding on the armature.Epoxy-coated winding on the field coilTool-free adjustment of safety guardCompact, ergonomic desig..