Rokamat Skate Accessories


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Rokamat Skate Base Plate

Rokamat Base PlateAdaptor To Attach Plate For Skate Trowel    Base PlateFor all accessory discs 350mm diam ..

Rokamat Skate Trowel Smooth

 Rokamat Trowel      Trowel Application        Trowel Finishing On Fresh Concrete & Screed Areas Trowel with Velcro - Smooth Surface350mm Diam   ..

Rokamat Trowel Perforated

Rokamat Trowel PerforatedPre-Troweling   Pre-Troweling - Levelling Unevenness and Holes Trowel with Velcro - Perforated 350mm Diam ..