Ringsaw Blades


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P15 Tornado Ringsaw Laser Welded Diamond Blade

PREMIUM P15 (Tornado) Ringsaw Laser Welded Diamond Blade. Some benefits: * Noise reduction * * Vibration damped * Excellent cutting capacity * Self-cooling when dry cutting. Suitable for the following materials: Bricks - Semi Engineering Bricks - Smooth Faced Concrete - Sea Wash Aggregate Concrete Hard Pressed Slabs Taglas (for the blind) Concrete Hard Pressed Slabs &a..

Radial Bullet Laser Welded Ringsaw Blade

All diamond tool manufacturers will tell you that if you use vast amounts of the very best diamond and metal powders in the segment manufacturing to produce core drill bits and blades, they just will not work, but by using the radial system to cut down the surface area contact in segments the impossible becomes a reality with outstanding results, 30% to 60% higher penertration and in some cases 30..

Zenesis Laser Welded Ringsaw Blade

The Zenesis Diamond Arrangement Technology System gives us the ability to precisely control strategic placement of every diamond for maximum performance. It is the biggest advance in the diamond blade industry since laser welding. The perfectly aligned diamonds are set to control wear and make the blade cut faster, without sacrificing one for the other. Most people have learned that better quality..